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Independent Forces

Added by Kad_Venku 6 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Independent forces for the capturable space structures.

The space docks need some buildable independent forces:

  • T-wing
  • R41 starchaser
  • Ugly Squadrons
    • unit_fighter_uglyytie
    • unit_fighter_uglyyceptor
    • unit_fighter_uglyxtiefighter
    • unit_fighter_uglyxceptor
    • unit_fighter_uglytyewing
    • unit_fighter_uglytyeinterceptor
    • unit_fighter_uglytxewing
  • Morningstar fighter squadron
  • CR-75 Corvette
  • Constable Class Corvette (ModDB)
  • Vainglorious Class Cruiser (ModDB)
  • Mere Cruiser (ModDB)


Feature #YVAW-69: R60 T-wing interceptorRejectedbframke

Feature #YVAW-70: R-41 StarchaserIn ProgressSTROBE

Feature #YVAW-71: Y-TIEClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-72: Y-CeptorClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-73: X-TIE FighterClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-74: X-ceptorClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-75: TYE-wingClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-76: TYE-CeptorClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-77: TXE-WingClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-78: Morningstar fighter squadronRejectedSTROBE

Feature #YVAW-79: CR-75 CorvetteClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-80: Constable Class CorvetteNewSTROBE

Feature #YVAW-81: Vainglorious Class CruiserClosedbframke

Feature #YVAW-82: Mere Class CruiserNewSTROBE


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#3 Updated by STROBE 6 months ago

I will explain where all these units are being built over weekend of 8/24/19

#4 Updated by STROBE 6 months ago

so here is the play:

we are going to have 2 rosters, 1 for Merchant Dock (we are calling it Smuggler Station) and 1 for Asteroid Base. Smuggler Station will feature recruitable expensive units that do decent firepower, but are stronger at surviving (stronger armor/shields). Asteroid Base will feature cheaper mass produced units for recruitment, that can also do strong damage, but are generally very weak. The player needs to hover a unit in nearby proximity to the structure and wait for it to be captured. This means while capturing the pirate base, the player will take damage while waiting to capture it.
Once captured, units are available to be built. Later, Wic has a plan to allow upgrades and special abilities.

- cloakshape fighter
- skipray bomber
- CR75 corvette
- star galleon frigate
- vainglorious cruiser

Pirates :
- uglies fighters
- morningstar bombers
- xyiantar corvette
- mere cruiser
- kiltirin frigate

#5 Updated by bframke 6 months ago

Made a new branch to add the units to the skirmish starbases: feature/expanding-independent-forces

For now done
Added Uglies to Hutt/Pirate Base
Added Skipray to Merchant Base
Removed T-Wing form Merchant Base

Whats Left to do:
Finding CR-75 Corvette in the Project
Cloak Shape is nowhere to be found in the Project
Waiting for Morningstar Bombers
Waiting for Xyiantar Corvette
Waiting for Mere Cruiser
Waiting for Kiltirin Frigate

#6 Updated by STROBE 5 months ago

Reading Silva's comments:
- skipray added to merchant dock --- is this the default game skipray? this is OK for now, but a new model is coming

Conversation with Wic and Silva:
- ugly fighters are being reworked:
--- Mere Cruiser will launch 1 squadron of 12 X-ceptor fighters
--- Pirate Asteroid Base will feature 2 squadrons of uglies (not 3) and 1 squadron of uglies will be fighters, the other will be bombers with proton torpedoes -- Silva to decide
--- Morning Star Bomber has been removed, it has been decided to use an ugly bomber squadron with torpedoes because if Pirates had MorningStar, they have torpedoes because they need a fighter and bomber group for game mechanics, so uglies can just fire torpedoes which saves us 1 week of work trying to make Morning Star bomber model/texture.

Other Questions:

are we placing build limits on Smuggler/Pirate recruitable ships? Do we think this is needed?

#7 Updated by STROBE 5 months ago

Looking though models for future implementation:

  • Add Longhorn Heavy Frigate to Merchant Dock - short range attack, mass driver ship with heavy armor that launches 1 squadron of A9
  • Add Kaloth Battlecruiser frigate to Pirate Base - heavy armor frigate with AA weapons, medium turbos and concussion missile launchers that launches 1 squadron (undecided what kind)

#8 Updated by Kad_Venku 4 months ago

  • Target version set to 0.15.0

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