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The EaW build tool allows for automated building of mod binary files and cooking of mods into *.meg files. Packaging mods allows to get rid of overhead and fragmentation issues when loading game data into memory, and allows for AI files to be read properly by the game.

Currently (05/08/2018) the build tool supports the following features:

  • Creating *.dat files from conform TranslationManifest.xml file.
  • Cooking a mod into *.meg archives.
  • Versioning of mod releases conform to the Semantic Versioning Scheme
  • Creating a patch build from a file list.

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Manager: Kad_Venku

Developer: Kad_Venku, WIC

Latest news

Development Moved to GitHub
With the latest release being stable and in a solid state, the development of version 2 has been moved to GitHub.
Added by Kad_Venku 4 months ago

Release 1.0.2
Version 1.0.2 has been released.
Added by Kad_Venku 11 months ago

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