• Empire at War Build Tool

    The EaW build tool allows for automated building of mod binary files and cooking of mods into *.meg files. Packaging mods allows to get rid of overhead and fragmentation issues when loading game data into memory, and allows for AI files to be read properly by the game....

  • Empire at War Text Editor

    The Empire at War Text Editor is built for multi language projects and the work in distributed teams. It supports the import and export from and to Petroglyph’s *.dat files as well as a xml-based data structure that can be handled by any version control....

  • Layer Z Script

    Original script and idea by Small_Pox
    Changes and additions by Kad_Venku

    The Layer Z Script serves as an improvement upon the standard Empire at War layer z offset. This offset enables you to position units at different heights during the pseudo-3D space battle, but at the same time binds one unit type to one particular z-axis offset. Using variants of a unit is not an option here, as this creates several severe issues with unit selection: You can no longer select all ships of one type via Ctrl+LeftMouse, as EaW handles them as different unit types, not the same unit at different z-axis positions. Luckily Small_Pox managed to create a fully working scripted solution....

  • Yuuzhan Vong at War

    A Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Total Conversion

    • New Factions
      Crush your opponent as all new factions: Play as the New Republic, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire or several other minor factions from the Star Wars universe.
    • Revolutionary Gameplay ...

Also available in: Atom