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08:22 PM Yuuzhan Vong at War Balancing #YVAW-89 (Rejected): raise HP of Stations such as the Space dock or Hutt station.
as the subject states the stations die a bit too quick as of now raising the HP of it should make it die less fast.
08:21 PM Yuuzhan Vong at War Bug #YVAW-88 (New): Space station missing text modules.
Some modules on the space station read missing text.
08:20 PM Yuuzhan Vong at War Bug #YVAW-87 (New): Hutt space station sells no Franken Fighters.
I think the buy menu got mixed up as the hutt space station ( pirate space station ) does not feature any Franken Fig...
08:17 PM Yuuzhan Vong at War Bug #YVAW-86 (Closed): Missing text on CR-75.
Mid section module has a missing text
08:11 PM Empire at War Text Editor Bug #EAWTXT-10 (Rejected): Missing text CR 75.
mid section module has missing text highlighted.

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